Where have we been? Gilded.

It’s been a while since our last blog post, and I apologize for that. I fully intend to get back on a regular schedule for these posts, and as a start, I’d like to talk about what has been keeping me busy all of this time: Gilded.

Over the course of several months, we’ve been preparing and refining Gilded. I have overseen the implementation of the new assets provided by our talented artists into the game, making sure they function properly in the game without glitching out and that they match with a consistent style. After a lot of work, revisions, and testing, I am happy to say we are on the right track in those regards. We are now comfortably in the testing phase, hammering out any final bugs and balancing game mechanics and stats to ensure Gilded is the best game it can be. Once we are certain everything works in the best way possible, it’s only a matter of reaching out to distributors and preparing for launch in January. It’s been a long road, but with the finish line in sight, we are more excited than ever.

Our activity with Gilded hasn’t been purely restricted to development. We prepared a demo of Gilded and displayed it at Boston FIG, where both the idea and gameplay were met with an extensive amount of positive feedback, even from the players who struggled against Hardcore mode! This was one of the first times we made a portion of our game available outside of our team of playtesters, and it was incredible to see how much people enjoyed the game, and their excitement to see the full version made us all the more determined to meet their expectations. As for this demo, it will be made available for anyone to play very soon.

As we move forward into the final phase of developing Gilded, I hope to keep you up to date and informed about our progress through these posts, while also teasing more information about the game as we get closer to release. Thanks for sticking with us, and happy Thanksgiving!