Let’s Not Forget Grey Assassin

Last week, we posted for the first time in a long time, filling you in on our progress with Gilded. Of course, Gilded is not the only game we are working on, and our other project, Grey Assassin, is progressing as well. While not as close to full release as Gilded, it recently underwent some major changes, with all of the game content for the core rulebook and starter guide in place. Of course, there is more to publishing these games then just the core content (as much as that is the most important part). We are in the process of recruiting artists to add more life to the books and improve the formatting and layout. As we take these steps and approach a more finished project, we plan to take the game on the road to play at shows and conventions so people can see what we’re working towards. Finally, we are considering extra steps so as to get the content out for people to enjoy as soon as possible, but have it ready in a format where we can take our time adding to it and sprucing it up based on fan feedback. What does that mean? Stay tuned to find out!