Choose Your Difficulty

When Gilded releases, it will feature 3 different modes of play to be selected when starting up a new game. These modes will determine the difficulty level of the adventure, but not in the simple manner of changing the stats of enemies and characters, as we thought relying on this method felt artificial and uninteresting.

Gilded is, on a base level, a challenging game that requires thought and planning to triumph, even on normal encounters, because we didn’t want to make a game where players could just mindlessly attack enemies to power through. However, if you are the kind of player who only wants to power through to experience the story, the easiest mode of the game, called Casual, gives the player a free item near the beginning of the story that allows them to win any combat instantaneously. In addition, Casual players will find cheap, but powerful rings for sale that will be of great assistance should they choose not to use this item.

Normal mode is closer to the intended difficulty, with fewer ring options to select from, all of which are now more appropriately priced and need to be earned. Also, normal mode does not give the player this same powerful item, however, a few similar, but single-use, items of similar power can be found throughout the world.

Finally, for those who want to experience a true challenge, we have Hardcore mode. Here, you will find no items that will win combat quickly, and the rings for sale have detrimental effects, only able to provide the player with further self-imposed challenges. Another feature of Hardcore mode is increased boss difficulty, with several bosses gaining an additional ability that disrupts their usual attack pattern.

These modes were made to help the game appeal to a variety of players, regardless of skill level, so we hope you choose the one that’s right for you when the game is released.