The Style of Gilded

Before Gilded even had a proper title, we knew we wanted it to be in a style evocative of classic JRPGs from the NES and SNES era. Before I started making Gilded or even knew what I would be able to do between the software and my programming ability, I knew I wanted to make this kind of game, as RPGs were some of my favorite games from my childhood. This inspiration is easiest to tell from a visual aspect, from the top-down perspective to the use of pixel art. Something perhaps less easily recognized was the use of a first-person perspective during combat, as more well-known games opted for having both the party and the enemy both seen on opposite sides of the screen, but I wanted the focus of combat to be on the monsters, so using that other style would take away from the feel I had intended for the game.

The gameplay, naturally, also fits this style. There is turn-based combat, characters with defined “classes” and abilities, and a experience-based progression system (though the level cap is 30, which is a low number for the genre, but perfect for this game’s difficulty curve). I took more liberties with the structure of the game’s story, making the middle segment of the game open-ended rather than the typical linear order of events, as well as adding an extensive post-game, but the source of inspiration can be seen in some areas, such as the objective in the second segment on the game being an homage to the original Final Fantasy.

These similarities serve a purpose of allowing me to make points and contrast with the games from my childhood more poignant. However, if I’m being entirely honest, Gilded is the way it is simply because that’s the kind of game I wanted to make. Before there was any higher purpose, message, or thought for a unique selling point, at the end of the day, I just wanted to make a JRPG, and the rest grew from there. And I’m okay with that.


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