In an isolated land, warriors and adventurers test their mettle against the monstrous creatures hiding away in caves and ruins in order to prove their worth and earn the privilege of meeting the fabled Djinn to have their wish granted. Many seeking glory and fame have tried; a select few have succeeded. Now, 200 years after the last Wishmaker carved a name for himself, a mysterious illness referred to as the Epidemic has begun to stretch across the land, leaving its victims bedridden until their untimely demise. In order to save his sister from the Epidemic, a young man named Gregor must set out on a quest to become the next Wishmaker, but at what cost?

Gilded is our first venture into PC gaming. A callback to classic RPGs with design choices inspired by games old and new, Gilded is a turn-based roleplaying game that provides a nostalgic experience with a new identity to keep RPG lovers entertained throughout.


Development status
Gilded will release January 18! Visit our Steam store page here.


Grey Assassin©

In the 25th century, the entire world is united under a single tyrannical government. Faced with a falling economy and overpopulation, it was made legal to become and hire assassins. In this society anyone can have anyone else killed for the right price, and otherworldly forces manipulate events behind the scenes. Take the role of an assassin in this dystopian world, take contracts, and build up your reputation on the road to wealth and glory.

Grey Assassin is a tabletop roleplaying game that has been years in the works. Encouraging multiple styles of play in a twisted society that makes both stealthy assassinations and flashy executions equally valid methods of taking down a target, Grey Assassin utilizes a character-building system that allows players to be as specialized or versatile as they like, without punishing either approach.

Development status
Grey Assassin is undergoing beta testing while we are in the process of illustrating the rulebook.